Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

So I forgot to have dinner yesterday... (210.2)

I decided fairly late in the day to go with friends to see "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" at 7:30, and of course had to run home to walk and feed the pups before heading back across town to the movie. That's one of the few "disadvantages" of having dogs; not a lot of choice but to go home after work every day. But they're worth it!

Didn't want to risk having the movie get sold out, so I headed right back there and bought a ticket, then decided to head across to the Triphammer Mall for a beer. Triphammer Wines & Spirits was also doing a wine and bourbon tasting, so I popped in there first, of course! Then chatted with folks over a beer at Ithaca Coffee Company (cafe plus gourmet shop plus tavern with HUGE beer selection).

That's probably when I should've eaten something, but I figured I could grab something small after the movie. :-)

Of course, after the movie, I remembered my friend Jake was in town just for the night, and headed down the hill to meet up with him at the pub he'd said he'd be at. Hung out there for quite a while, had a young lady give me her phone number, and then headed home to take the pups out for a bedtime walk and got to sleep.

Today was great! After brunch, Molly and I took the dogs up to a cider orchard that friends own, and they got to romp off-leash! [ Watch the video on FB... ] Gloria isn't doing too well, and mostly sunbathed on the grass having a staring contest with the cidery's elderly cat, but Penny and Carter got to run around and tire themselves out a bit. They're both zonked out on the couch while I watch hockey and write this.

Just had a light dinner of a bagel sandwich featuring corned beef courtesy of a friend, and was going to leave it at that... but I've been invited downtown to try a preview of a new chicken sandwich at a friend's eatery. Guess two dinners tonight will make up for last night. :-)

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