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Did you get any free tickets from the TicketMaster settlement? (214.2) - Mark's Journal
Did you get any free tickets from the TicketMaster settlement? (214.2)
When I read about the TicketMaster settlement deal, which is giving free ticket vouchers to lots of past customers, I figured I couldn't possibly have gotten any. I don't really go to a lot of concerts featuring national acts. Couldn't imagine the last time I used TicketMaster for anything other than to check a seating chart for a hockey game before buying tickets through Cornell.

But I figured it couldn't hurt to look. I went to ticketmaster.com, and of course hadn't been there in so long that Safari didn't have a saved password for it! Had to use the "forgot" link. And then when I used their e-mailed link to reset my password, it griped that I had to set a new password that wasn't the same as the old one! Oh well. I guess I reuse that one a lot.

Apparently I bought tickets to the NCAA hockey regional in Worcester in 2002 and a "Lord of the Rings Symphony" show in Baltimore in 2004 on TicketMaster. Huh. My account shows one voucher that can be redeemed for two free tickets to a show. It might just take me a while to figure out what shows I could potentially see! There's a long list of eligible shows, but no way to search by state or region that I can see. Naturally.

Anyway, if you haven't already, you should go look, too.

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kukla_red From: kukla_red Date: June 21st, 2016 02:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
I have bought many tickets from Ticketmaster and, as a result, I have what seems to be a metric ton of codes and vouchers in my account. However, the vouchers for actual free tickets are a waste, since there are ZERO events in my area. Considering that my area is the Long Island/New York City/New Jersey area, that seems a bit suspicious to me. I went through all the pages of possible events listed and none of them are near here and, even if they were, none of them looked like something I would attend. I have no wish to see Black Sabbath. I'm a bit disappointed in the settlement, to say the least.
mhaithaca From: mhaithaca Date: June 21st, 2016 04:57 pm (UTC) (Link)

Eventually I'll take the time to look through the list properly. Or maybe there's somewhere else it's searchable. I know it's the LiveNation shows... maybe they never do NY Metro shows?
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