Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

What's that smell? (213.6)

When did I last bring home a doggie bag from a restaurant?

I’ve been wondering what was smelling bad near Carter’s crate the last day or two. Wondered if it was something in Charlie’s tank, but I sniffed over there after feeding the dogs tonight, and nothing smelled bad. After sniffing around Carter's crate again, I realized it was a paper bag with a leftovers container in it, atop the crate.

Whatever it was, it wasn't labeled, which really makes me appreciate those servers that do mark the date and the name of the restaurant on the tops of those containers! I have a vague feeling I can recall taking food home after eating half of it, within the last few weeks, but I'm at a loss. Not gonna look too closely at the remnants to help solve the mystery, though. It quickly went outside and to the garbage.

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