Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Made it to beer last night, but not tonight (214.0)

According to Swarm, formerly Foursquare, I've been to the Ithaca Coffee Company beer tasting 64 Wednesdays in a row. (I guess it's possible I've missed one or two, but checked in there another time that week.)

I'm definitely going to miss next Wednesday's, since I'll be on my way back from Memphis, so I almost skipped last night's, too, since I had a cold with a runny nose. Have. Though much less runny today. Now more coughing than runny. Decided to go, though, since I wanted to try the Jack's Abbey beer. Got to chat with Kip, a local musician and an Ithaca College professor, and enjoyed some good beer.

I don't make it to the Thursday downtown tasting nearly as regularly, so skipping tonight's seems like an easier decision. I really want to be healthier when I get on the plane on Saturday, for my own sake as well as those around me.

Got a fair amount of work done today sitting on the couch with the pups, which they seemed to appreciate as much as I did. They're warm and cuddly. And my coworkers probably appreciate me not breathing in their airspace.

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