Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Lazy day and doggies (219.0)

Another pretty relaxed day. I slept late, but not too late, and then was very lazy with the dogs for a few hours. Went to Agava for a late lunch, to take advantage both of their daily lunch special and the gift card they'd set aside for me to pay for an ad for their New Year's Eve event. :-) $13 for a small meatball parm sandwich, kale and jicama salad, and scoop of gelato. Not bad! Especially since it wasn't my money.

I took advantage of the time to do some writing, including my piece on the passing of Carrie Fisher, and some photo editing.

From there, I ran over to the office, where I'd ill-advisedly left a couple of "free coffee drink" coupons I could be using this week for a nice cappuccino at Gimme! Coffee. Then, hung out at the radio station for a bit chatting with Dan about the local music scene.

Since then, I've been relaxing with the pups and watching the original "Star Wars" trilogy, though Penny spends a lot of down time like this curled up by herself on my bed, instead of with Carter and me on the couch. What a silly girl! I have a feeling she gets bored when I'm not paying attention to her directly. I haven't done as much playing tug with her since I adopted Carter, thinking they play with each other, though I did get some new tug toys a couple of weeks ago that we've played with a bit. We should tug more.

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