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Missing iJournal and even asLJ right now (220.2) - Mark's Journal
Missing iJournal and even asLJ right now (220.2)
One of the best parts of iJournal, the Mac client for LiveJournal I used for years, was that it had a little pencil icon that showed up in the menu bar when there were new posts from friends that I had to go read.

Without that poke, it's much harder to remember to go check my friends list, and much easier to just keep refreshing Facebook -- which I have to use constantly for work, anyway.

I wouldn't say I ever loved asLJ, which I've been using as an iJournal replacement, but it finally stopped working a few weeks ago. It won't log in any more. If there's an update available, I can't tell, because their update server doesn't respond properly. Oh well.

Anyway, hi!
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belindashort From: belindashort Date: March 7th, 2017 04:00 am (UTC) (Link)
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