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Auggie's doing well... (219.2)

"We like deep dish pizza, too!" #dogs #pitbulls #tcspcaalumni #souschefs

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I haven't updated LiveJournal on Auggie's progress! Sorry about that. No idea how well this embedded Instagram image will work, now or down the road, but let's give it a try. Here's a link to the original just in case:

She has healed very nicely after her fight with Carter early last month, and the three of them are getting along great. Auggie and Carter are still playing with each other, far more than Carter and Penny ever have, and the three of them spend lots of time together. I'm optimistic that they'll stay nice to each other.

The same friend who was over when they got in a fight last month is stopping in tonight while I'm out, but she's going to try muzzling Carter and Auggie just in case.

Happy Passover!

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