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Force of Nature (219) - Mark's Journal
Force of Nature (219)
There was a little girl with her parents next to us at brunch today, and the quarters are close enough upstairs at Agava that we could hear a lot of what they were chatting about.

Among other things, they talked about "Wonder Woman" (which opened this weekend) and the Louvre, and I chimed in that "Wonder Woman" even begins at the Louvre! It occurs to me that no live action filming was probably ever really done there. These days, they probably used the overhead establishing shot and then a green-screen for the brief on-the-ground shot that was outside the iconic museum.

The little girl was very engaged in their conversations, though she also took a couple of opportunities to sing what sounded like operatic arias.

I commented to Molly as they left that this little girl is going to grow up to be a force of nature.
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