Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

"Make the world a better place" (217.2)

Last year, the Ithaca Police Department made a young man with cancer an honorary police officer, and this morning, I was privileged to be there when Officer Colin became Ithaca's youngest police sergeant in a great promotion ceremony.

Colin is really inspiring, and has always wanted to be a police officer so he can help people. He says all of us should have one job: "Make the world a better place."

He's got another big surgery coming up on Friday -- what he calls a "major appointment" as opposed to the less traumatic visits to hospitals and oncologists for checkups and followups. A rockstar brain surgeon, or what Colin's dad Ian calls one of the best of the Jedi Council, as if he had learned from Obi Wan, will be going into Colin's skull to remove more tumor, which has recently been growing again. It's Colin's seventh craniotomy. Ugh.

There's not much prospect for Colin to be cured, but giving him more time, and better quality of life for now, is worth the effort. The growing tumor has really been affecting his brain, which affects his ability to move and, even more frustrating for him, it seems, to talk. We're hoping he'll be a little better able to express himself after the surgery.

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