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The Bacon Compromise - Mark's Journal
The Bacon Compromise
There's a new eatery in downtown Ithaca where a combination pizzeria and middle eastern eatery was, that's now a combination diner and middle eastern eatery, I guess. Not exactly the same folks, though there's some overlap in what they've been involved with before. Certainly a similar feel, and they're currently serving pizza, though they plan to phase it out.

One core similarity? No pork. They're not quite serving halal meat, which is very expensive, but they're using turkey bacon and beef pepperoni. Some of the meat is kosher, which in their opinion is every bit as good as kosher. (The basics are the same.)

I had a bacon cheeseburger yesterday, and the bacon was just fine. They also do breakfast all day, which is great (and badly needed in Downtown Ithaca!), but it turns out the strips of turkey bacon don't quite work on a plate with pancakes and fried eggs.

The guy I've been talking to is big on quality, so much so that they're using farm-fresh, relatively local eggs. I commented today that if they got real maple syrup, I'd be glad to pay extra for it! He says he'll get some and not charge extra, but I think he'll change his mind. Yesterday, he commented that beef sausage is three times as expensive as pork sausage, and I think he'll find that real maple syrup is even more more-expensive than basic "pancake syrup" than that.
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