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Beautiful place for a wedding!

OK, the wedding is now actually over and the bride and groom are by now at the Rochester airport, preparing to board a 5pm flight to New Orleans for their honeymoon.

The wedding really lasted all weekend, with a Catholic ceremony yesterday morning, an hors d'oeuvres reception yesterday afternoon, a casual (dutch) dinner gathering yesterday evening, a Jewish ceremony this morning, and then sandwiches this afternoon.

The only traditional locale was Cornell's Sage Chapel for yesterday's ceremony. The reception yesterday was in the beautiful and impressive new Museum of the Earth, opening next month adjacent to the Paleontological Research Institute building several miles northwest of Ithaca. The really good food was catered by the Grist Mill Café, a little place in Burdett, about a half hour west.

I didn't actually participate in last night's dinner, but saw them at the Lost Dog Café, when I met Laura there to see the band Paso Fino.

This morning's ceremony was at Watkins Glen State Park... and most of the group attending the wedding met the wedding party at the foot of the gorge trails at 9:30 to hike up the trail before the ceremony at the top at 11. acappellasinger and I signed the ketubah at the bottom of the trail. It's been a long time since I've had to sign my Hebrew name! Even being able to deal with Hebrew block lettering doesn't help with script.

The hike up the trail was great, as always. Not too warm, decent weather for it. At the top, we gathered (not too much past 11) for the second ceremony... then relaxed and had Subway six-foot subs. Most of the group left from the upper park, or got rides back down; five of us walked back down the gorge trail to our cars before heading home.

Photos after I have a chance to grab them from the camera!

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