Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Do dogs know it's Tuesday? (217.4)

I took a sick day today (though I've worked on a few things for work, since some things don't really wait) and have been spending the day with the dogs.

After a while of my sitting on the couch, Penny looked at me from the floor and whined! It's her usual "You're not being very entertaining and you could be doing better" whine. They all got decent walks this morning despite whatever crud is clogging up my head, so it was too early for it to be a whine saying she's desperate to go outside.

I guess I don't spend a lot of days sitting around the house. Even on weekends, when I'm not at work, I rarely spend the whole day at home. Maybe I should more. Does she know it's weird that I'm here today? Who knows. If they can tell I'm sick, they're not showing it; they're being about their usual levels of cuddliness.

One of the things I hope to do with the basement, when I get it rebuilt following the food excavation, is turn the big space that had been a big L-shaped computer table and multiple shelves of VHS tapes into a padded dog romp area. That should make it easier to give them some nice exercise on rainy days like this morning was!

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