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Listen to the food - Mark's Journal
Listen to the food
There aren't all that many local LiveJournal users still using the thing, I think, but I've created a LiveJournal RSS feed for the 14850 Dining Podcast, the web version of the 14850 Dining Report that airs on the radio every week.

If you have any interest in listening to me talk about food for a couple of minutes a week, feel free to subscribe to 14850dining_pod. You'll get a feed that includes a link to the podcast episode on our web site (apparently the audio player itself doesn't come through to LiveJournal, which is a shame), a blurb about whatever I'm covering, a link to the article version, and subscription links for our podcast on other services.

If you do like the podcast, please rate and review it on your favorite podcast platform! That's one of the ways iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, RadioPublic, and the others decide what to surface when people are looking for stuff to listen to.

Current Music: 14850 Dining Podcast

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