Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Too close to call

New York's 23rd Congressional District is one of the races to watch this year, as far-right incumbent Tom Reed has won repeatedly in a district that includes Ithaca, one of the state's most liberal cities.

Star Trek actor J.G. Hertzler has even been working on a run, though he ended up not entering the fray for the Democratic nomination. (He may yet run as a third-party candidate.)

The five people who did run in this week's primary have all been smeared by Reed's campaign as "Extreme Ithaca Liberals," even though not all are from Ithaca, and a couple aren't even all that liberal.

Tuesday's primary results ended up with the two frontrunners just 26 votes apart! Since there are hundreds of absentee ballots to be counted, and those don't have to reach each county's Board of Elections until July 3rd, we definitely won't have final results for days, and of course even after those are tallied, it wouldn't surprise me if someone demanded a recount.

Read about it:

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