Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Fire dreams and stranger things (221.8)

This morning's dream featured a fire in my apartment on Warren Road (I haven't lived there in quite a few years), with people standing outside watching when I got there, instead of doing something about it.

When I tried telling Siri to call 911, it instead called a separate service that was designed to interface with my phone so it would know where I was, and tried to explain to the person on the line that it would be a really good idea to send firefighters. Meantime, I used a fire extinguisher to spray at the fire in the walls, as well as the fire I could see through the walls.

Not sure if there was any particular anxiety behind this dream, or if it came from the news of the Carr fire in northern California this week. I was sad to wake up to this morning's news that the two kids and their great grandmother had died, as feared. The sound clips of the great grandfather who had tried to get back to them are heartbreaking.

Also, even though I know it's "Carr fire," I keep hearing "car fire" when I hear it on the radio. 🙄

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