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Curveball calamity (221.7)

Crazy news this afternoon that Phish's Curveball Festival at Watkins Glen has been canceled due to this week's flooding in the Finger Lakes.

The New York State Department of Health and Seneca County ended up making the call that they couldn't sign off on the permits for tens of thousands of people to be on-site when there was a boil water order in the area and they couldn't guarantee safe water... not to mention the chance of more bad weather or even more flooding.

As frustrated as the would-be festival attendees must be, especially those who've gone to expense or trouble to get to Watkins Glen, some have (quite rightly) commented that it's nothing compared to the losses and damage to the flooded towns in the area.

It's also a huge potential loss for vendors who've shown up with thousands of meals worth of food and other perishable supplies. (I'm less worried about vendors showing up with t-shirts and CDs that can be sold elsewhere another time.)

Could attendees donate camping food supplies to local food pantries? Could they volunteer to help with flood cleanup? Could vendors set up to feed local responders and crews?

Lots of possibilities with such ideas, but how could it be pulled off logistically?

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