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Welcome back to that same old place that you laughed about...

Today is freshman move-in day at Cornell, and for the fourth year in a row, I got to take part. I'm one of the folks at CIT's "Computing at Cornell" booth at Barton Hall, the large gym/fieldhouse building where we shovel the parents to wait for their kids.

Basically, given the choice, many parents would keep tagging along with their kids through registration... and then would never leave, and they'd start showing up at classes...

So we pry them apart, send the kids into registration, and direct the parents down to the "information fair" at Barton Hall, where they can get refreshments and info about a lot of features of Cornell. We're always right next to the Commencement table, so it's fun watching the parents' eyes glaze over as they start contemplating having to watch Little Billy graduate almost four years from now. No, you can't make hotel reservations yet. Yes, you can buy a video of this past year's graduation, if you like! The Cornell Police have little flashing jogger lights that clip to your clothes, the Johnson Museum is giving out posters, Cornell Dairy is serving free ice cream and 2% or chocolate milk, and on and on.

One of my colleagues commented today that he knows he's getting older, because he's now noticing the cute moms and not the cute students. I guess I'm lucky... I'm in between their ages, and I can notice both! ;-) (Yes, it alarmed me a few years ago when I started realizing some of the moms were attractive, too!) It's also intriguing how many of the freshmen look like adults, and many of them look like kids... whereas for the most part, they're all within about a year of age span. Some 18-year-olds just look grown up, and some don't. The youngest-looking was a girl who inherited her mom's height. Poor kid looks about 12. In ten years she'll be delighted to look young, but right now she probably doesn't appreciate it much.

After weeks of planning and preparations, doing training earlier this week for the students who answer support questions, and getting up too early to be at Barton to start my shift at 8 this morning, my back-to-school festivities are done. Now I just have to try to stay out of their way as I enjoy my weekend and next week!

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