Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Spelunking through LiveJournal (219.9)

A friend's old photo of me in a NASA astronaut suit from Dragon*Con 2009 came up in my Facebook memories today, and I made it my profile picture. Another friend's comment that she remembered seeing it on LiveJournal made me go spelunking through old LJ posts!

No sign that I posted it on LiveJournal any time in September 2009, and since Ann Marie's photo post was September 11th (thus the memories appearance), it wouldn't have been in August.

I kept reading, one entry at a time, and really enjoyed reading some comments. I've kept in touch with a lot of LiveJournal friends! Some I consider close friends, including a few I've never met in person. Others came into my life another way (Twitter? Other sites?) but LiveJournal cemented the friendship.

Lots of obscure LiveJournal usernames instantly connected in my head with who the people were, or at least why I knew them. Even a few I'm not still in touch with. Some names are meaningless, though in one case the two mutual friends at least gives me a plausible context for why I knew that person. ruhe? You still out there?

I've sent private LJ messages to a couple of people, and got a response almost instantly from one! We're now Facebook friends and catching up.

Maybe I'll keep advancing through my journal, which I've done in segments from time to time. Reading about the trip to London for blueinatl's wedding was fun. Some inspirational dinner night posts from the days when I hosted weekly dinners. (I should do that again!) Even a lively discussion about what I should do with a bag of frozen shrimp I'd thawed.

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