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18 years ago today...

18 years ago today, I arrived in Ithaca! It wasn't my first time in Ithaca, but it's the date I moved to Ithaca, more or less to stay. I came as a Cornell freshman, and despite my initial plans for a job elsewhere after college, I never got around to leaving.

So far I've celebrated by going with jccohen and Jenna on a winery jaunt we've been planning for a few weeks, focusing on McGregor Winery. It's a Scottish-themed winery with some incredibly good reds, some good whites, and a fantastic sparkling riesling. We also got over to Dr. Konstantin Frank since we were all the way over on Keuka Lake, and then stopped at Lamoreaux Landing on the east shore of Seneca on the way back.

Lunch was at the Grist Mill Cafe on the way out. That's the place that catered Marlo and David's reception last weekend, and the food's fantastic! They have a very nice little deck out back overlooking a stream with a small waterfall. The "large coffee" mug was the size of a small measuring cup!

Later off to a burn-n-beer party, but first I need to think about more food.

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