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I just tried firing up iJournal out of habit (222.6) - Mark's Journal
I just tried firing up iJournal out of habit (222.6)
It actually logged in successfully, but then hung. It's the freeware open-source (I think) LiveJournal client I used on my Mac for several years, and it was perfect!

The status bar is still saying "Fetching moods and userpics..." and it'll probably never finish.

The "I have a LiveJournal" group on Facebook had a spurt of activity this morning (welcome, new followers!) so I figured I should post something other than the automatic Instagram feed!

Tuesday morning should mean Cyber Monday is over, but I see the e-mails are still pouring in with "The deal has been extended!!!" shrieks. I do a lot of shopping online, but I also believe strongly in shopping locally when it makes sense to. What are your best ways for keeping dollars local?
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