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Something satisfying about Chinese food...

Got a sudden urge upon leaving a client's office, shortly before lunchtime, to get some Chinese food. I think it has something to do with the fact that Kristin, who works there, was eating Chinese take-out LAST time I was there. (My mind works in strange ways.)

So when I got in my car, I called up Ling Ling, which is really on the way back to campus from their office, and ordered a lunch combo. My usual... chicken and broccoli with garlic sauce. It's even not too unhealthy, especially if you ask for white rice instead of fried rice. At least it's not one of those gloppy fried items, like sweet & sour chicken!

Noticed something that must be relatively new on the menu; you can have an egg roll with the lunch combo instead of one of the soups. I often don't get around to eating the soup (though even at under $5 for the whole lunch, it's the best hot & sour soup in town) but I'd definitely eat the egg roll every time. Must remember for next time.

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