Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Surely you can't be Sirius... (222.2)

I like the idea of satellite radio, and I think I paid for an XM subscription for the first car I got that came with the equipment... probably my first Audi. I seem to recall I prepaid for a longer subscription than the length of the lease, and they wouldn't let me transfer it. Oh well. I wasn't giving up that much.

I haven't bothered subscribing since then, and mostly just used the three-month free trial of Sirius/XM that came with the 2017 CR-V on road trips. The subscription rates have gone way up, and just haven't felt like a good value when I have a lot of decent local radio I can listen to, a lot of music I can put on my phone to fire up in the car, and a lot of podcasts.

But, I was seriously considering some of the $5.99/month offers that were flying last fall, and appreciated the free Thanksgiving weekend offer. I almost jumped on one of the special offers right then, but decided to wait until after my two-and-a-half-week trip, so as not to waste that time.

Well, I let the best offers escape when they ended in December, and wasn't going to bother with the offers I'd seen recently.

I was just thinking about it again recently, and surprise, got an e-mail out of the blue saying that to thank me for having my car serviced, they were offering a free two months of Sirius/XM.

No "Give us your credit card and if you don't cancel after two months we'll start charging you $18.99/month." No gimmicks. Just click the link in the e-mail and they would activate my radio for two months.

Of course as I drove around campus and downtown on the way home from work today, I was reminded one of the reasons satellite radio doesn't make sense for me: it keeps cutting out as I drive past buildings, trees, and hills.

The newer equipment can cache a bit so they have a buffer to get you through brief blockages, but if you're driving around a dense downtown with tall buildings (and Ithaca's heading that way) the buffer won't last you long.

So, when the two months expires I may see what the current offers are, but I probably won't bother. And don't call me Shirley.

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