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Too good to be true (220.8)

If a third-party knockoff of an Apple product has a price that looks too good to be true, it probably is! I've learned that lesson again.

Wish fake AirPodsIronically, the AirPods-like Bluetooth in-ear wireless earbuds I bought from Wish for $5 are probably the best Bluetooth earphones I've ever owned. The audio quality isn't bad at all. They talk to my iPhone just fine, and since the new iPhone XS I bought in October doesn't have an earphone port any more, I needed something wireless if I didn't want to use the weird proprietary Lightning-connector wired earbuds that come with the phone, or buy an adapter to use any of the dozen wired earphones I have sitting around.

Unfortunately, if I use both at once, the left-ear unit has near-constant interference that reminds me of the interference you used to get on speakers that were anywhere near a cell phone that used AT&T's network. It makes me wonder if the two earpods are using something other than Bluetooth to talk to each other, and just the right-side one is using Bluetooth to talk to the phone.

Anyway, this almost-but-not-quite experience I'm getting from these knockoff AirPods is making me seriously contemplate the real thing. Apple sells them for $159, so they feel like a bit of a splurge, but if I use them a lot, it's probably worth it.

Weirdly, Amazon sells a lot of third-party earpods that look like AirPods but aren't, and they sell Apple Airpods from third-party sellers that are refurbished and more expensive than the retail product! They don't sell them new at the retail price. So, at least at the moment, I'm not buying them from Amazon.

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