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Last night's dinner at the ABC Cafe, instead of our usual Nines outing, had me a little leery. But I figured it was worth a shot, especially since Aja's been speaking so glowingly lately.

The experience could hardly have been much better! Air conditioning would have come in handy, and the Indian food could have stood to be a tad spicier (the chutney was perfect as is), but unlike most of my past visits, the service was excellent! I think it helped that, as it turns out, elizabetheileen works there on Wednesday nights! She treated us really well. Thanks again, Elizabeth!

ABC's 99.9% vegetarian menu (there's a shrimp dish one night a week) worked out OK for the five of us. Two omelets, two Indian specials, and a tofu stir-fry. And it turns out the fries really are pretty good! Still have to try the nachos sometime, and I'm very curious about the Thai specials on Sundays.

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