Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Bonus weekend (222.5)

The NCAA women's Frozen Four is scheduled with two semifinals on Friday afternoon and evening, and a championship game on Sunday afternoon. It's the same with the men's Frozen Four. A little odd, but it provides a whole day for things like awards banquets and tourism -- and tourism is a lot of the point for host cities.

So, when I decided to go to Hamden for this year's Frozen Four to see Cornell compete, I knew I was setting aside all of Friday through Sunday. I'd have a spare day in the middle, but I'd be getting back late Sunday.

After Cornell lost in the Friday afternoon game, I knew I could go to the hotel where I had a room reserved, and wake up the next morning in New Haven -- or I could go home and wake up in my bed with my puppies! I called the hotel and asked if it was too late to cancel my room. At worst, they told me, I'd have a $50 cancellation fee. Sold.

I regretted the nighttime drive home for the last half hour or so, which featured pretty lousy snowy roads, but I made it shortly after midnight. The dogs were delighted to see me!

Got a good night's sleep. Realized there were any number of things I could've done today that I'd ruled out because I was going to be out of town. Ended up doing none of them!

Tried to go to the Foodnet Meals on Wheels fundraiser Mac 'n Cheese Bowl, but the parking lot was already overflowing less than a half hour in. Ended up going to the Lincoln Street Diner with the friend I was meeting. Did you know there was such a thing as a mac and cheese omelet?! That was one of today's specials. So I got my mac and cheese anyway!

Then hit the local furniture store to look at some replacement possibilities for my basement furniture, and stopped at Ithaca College for Ithacon, a great free local convention! Got to see David Gerrold, chatted with him for a few minutes, and bought a few of his books.

Watched a little "Star Trek: Discovery." Bought a sandwich and cole slaw at the grocery store for an easy dinner. Sorted through a couple more of the big boxes of stuff packed up from the basement cataclysm.

Did very little else. Oh, watched the men's ECAC championship game, which ended in a painful overtime loss. The good news is they have a virtually certain at-large bid for the NCAA tournament. Regionals next weekend. We'll see how that goes.

Almost went back out for the 11:30 final set of the Finger Lakes Thaw music festival, which I'm sure I would've enjoyed, but I'm zonked. I stayed home. Bedtime soon.

Tomorrow? I have nothing planned at all. Delicious!

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