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So here I am in Atlanta...

Decent flights yesterday, and a good time bopping around with dprescott in the afternoon. Stayed with blueinatl and Dave last night, and he dropped me at the hotel this morning when he came to check on people before heading to get his costume.

I'm at Dragon*Con, and it's absolutely the biggest convention I've ever seen. It seems to focus on comics as much as on science fiction, and also delves pretty far afield. Richard Kiel (Jaws) and George Lazenby are here, as well as a few SG-1 and Star Trek celebrities. Claudia Christian from B5 is looking pretty good!

Shouldn't have worried about being able to recognize cmpriest and moriarty6. I was walking around when I spotted them in one of the glass-walled elevators, going up. I smiled and waved. Cherie waved back... so either she figured out who I was, or at least figured I was a fan she'd never met! (Which would be true.) Looking forward to seeing them later... though probably not at Champion's at 8, since Kim's not available for dinner until 7:30, so that's when we're going to the steakhouse.

Most impressive costume so far... green girl in a mesh bikini and funky long thing coming out of her head, like Jabba the Hutt's dancing girl. There's a lot of skin to be seen... some of it even being displayed by people with the body for it. (Some... not.)

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