Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

First guest in the new guestroom! (219.9)

It's been a long journey, and it's not 100% complete, but the basement is pretty much operational, and this weekend I had my first guest in the new downstairs guestroom! A friend whose son was finishing his first year at Cornell had planned on camping, as she often does, but last week was very wet, and Friday night was going to be cold. So, she took me up on the offer of a guestroom.

She loved the dogs! I mean, I'm pretty fond of them, too, but it's nice to have a fellow dog owner rave about how sweet and well-behaved my dogs are.

In fact, she took Penny and Auggie out for a walk Saturday morning while I was in the shower. I should probably make a point of letting guests know that they're welcome to walk the dogs with me, or after talking to me about it. She luckily decided not to try taking all three, though since she left Carter behind with the front door open, she, he, and I are all lucky he didn't try opening the storm door. What a good boy!

Out for a WalkIf she'd asked if she could take them out, I'd have made sure she knew that they all need harnesses, which makes it way easier to walk them and to control them if they try pulling or are reacting to other dogs nearby. She unhooked the leashes from the harnesses, and while she definitely remarked that they were strong pullers, she didn't have any real trouble. She's lucky; controlling Auggie if she'd freaked out about another dog nearby might have been tough.

Carter and I ran into them when I took him out, and he got a nice extra bit of walk compared to the usual. The girls definitely looked winded by the end of our stroll!

All three of the dogs offered to join Shari in the guestroom, and she happily took them up on it, amused as most of us are that Penny wants to be under the covers but needs help to get there. They tend to move around a bit at night, and of course I woke up with Carter curled up next to my face.

Shari also alerted me to the fact that Alexa can bark like a dog or meow like a cat, and apparently Auggie thinks that's awesome.

She only stayed Friday night, and didn't use the shower, so I decided to inaugurate the new basement shower on Sunday morning. It's very weird! The old one sure wasn't roomy, but the new stall shower feels especially cramped, and it's a serious step up. The lip of the shower floor is basically at the same height as the toilet seat. I felt like I had to grab onto something to step up into the shower, and then out of it, much more so than stepping over the wall of the bathtub. I'm happy with the removable showerhead with massage, though! I might have to buy another like it for upstairs.

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