Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Oh right, gotta charge those AirPods (223.9)

I got a pair of genuine Apple AirPods for my birthday from my parents, and much as I liked the cheapo knockoff wireless earpods I've been using the last few months, I was right in suspecting these would be worlds better. I love how they know when they're inserted into and removed from your ears, and I like how they (mostly) seamlessly hop from phone to iPad to laptop as I do.

AirPods and KnockoffsPutting them side by side made it instantly obvious how much slimmer and more easily pocketed the real AirPods are! The knockoffs aren't too big and clunky, but there's a noticeable difference. I'm a little surprised no one has commented on the red ones since I got them.

The only drawback I've found, in comparison, is that the knockoffs are easy to extract from their case by rotating slightly, which lifts them from the indentation. For whatever reason, that's not true of the Apple ones. Should be.

In the middle of last week, it occurred to me that the AirPods would make it way easier to listen to podcasts (or whatever) while walking the dogs. I've usually flipped through my Facebook or Twitter feed, or both, or checked e-mail, while walking in the morning, and listening to podcasts instead (or in addition) is a good use of otherwise down time.

Most important, this is making it easier to keep up with a podcast pile that I all too easily fall behind on. Usually, I just listen to podcasts on a long drive, since the ten minute drives around town hardly make it worth it.

Of course, they have to be recharged from time to time, and yesterday morning when I stepped out to walk the dogs, I discovered I had let them die! I know I can easily check the battery level of both AirPods and case on my iPhone, but it would be nice if when I popped them in my ear, the phone could pop up a warning, "Hey, your AirPods have some charge, but the case is dead now. Better recharge it." Several minutes with the case attached to my pocket battery (courtesy of HighEdWeb) let me use one of the AirPods for the rest of the walk, and then I plugged the case in overnight for it all to charge. I'll just have to remember to do that once a week or so.

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