Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

The two-year weight study is ending! (220.1)

I haven't talked about it a lot, and probably not here, but I signed up for a weight study with Cornell's nutrition department two summers ago. They asked participants to commit to weighing themselves daily, and gave half the participants (including me) a Bluetooth-enabled digital scale that automatically transmitted my weight to them via my phone.

Every once in a while when I'm out of town, they've sent an e-mail to say "Hey, you haven't weight yourself in three days!" I try to remember to let them know when I'm going away for longer stretches, like last December's cruise. (Also, nice to see I'm down ten pounds since getting back from the cruise.)

This morning I got an e-mail asking me to fill out a survey and schedule an appointment to come in for the official height and weight measurement for the end of the study. Hadn't looked until the survey asked whether I'd gained weight, lost weight, or stayed about the same over the two years, but it's interesting to see that I'm just a little over a pound heavier than when the study started. I'm gonna call that "about the same." In fact, if I hadn't had two meals at GrassRoots yesterday evening, I bet I'd be within a couple of ounces of my starting weight.

Weighing myself daily isn't necessary other than for the study, but I'll stay in the habit of doing it regularly, if not daily. I was already weighing myself regularly, which has been reflected by the little numbers in parentheses on my LiveJournal posts for years.

I'm usually conscious of how much I eat and how it's likely to affect my weight, but I try not to restrict myself too much. I sure ate plenty on the cruise, for example, but was conscious of it and tried not to eat as constantly as I could have.

I'm also conscious of how much beer can affect my weight. I'm not going to stop drinking beer, but I've done pretty well drinking one or two where for a while I'd have had three or four. That's good for me in other ways, too.

It's not why I signed up, especially since it was going to be pretty delayed gratification, but it's nice that the study is going to give me $50 at the end.

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