Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

It's hard to stay mad at Carter (221.2)

My goofy little man has had what I guess is an upset stomach the last few days, and had loose stool as well as a couple of overnight accidents in the house.

Carter and PillowsIf he has to have accidents in the house, at least he's using the newly carpeted steps to the basement -- carpeted with fancy new highly stain-resistant carpet!

Of course, that's not what I'm mad at him about; I realize he can't control when he just has to go and is at least picking a reasonable place.

I'm more mad that he's unable to control his impulses to eat things he shouldn't, like whatever's in the bathroom garbage! He's yanked stuff out of the basement bathroom garbage can a couple of times, so I've for now put that new garbage can atop the basement counter where he can't get to it -- but where it's not very convenient.

This morning he made a mess pulling out (and probably eating some of) the contents of my bathroom garbage can, which I guess still had dirty and interesting-smelling paper towels from someone's (I think Auggie's) barf that I had cleaned up the other morning. Most of the mess had gone into a fresh bag that went outside immediately, but some of the clean-up debris went into the garbage can.

Of course, now that his poop is more or less back to normal, he might have just given himself another upset stomach with whatever he ate this morning! He normally has an iron stomach, so I have no idea what was up the previous couple of days. If it had gone on longer, I would've called the vet.

I guess I have to be better about keeping interesting-smelling stuff from accumulating or sitting in the garbage cans, or maybe get small garbage cans with self-closing lids to replace these.

Carter and the girls all got some extra cuddles this morning before I left.

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