Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Low of 48 tonight?! (221.2)

It's been a hot summer for the most part, and while we've had some clear stretches, it's been pretty muggy, too. A lot of nights haven't gotten below the mid 60s, and a bunch haven't gotten below the 70s.

Let's just say I've been especially happy to have the air conditioning side of my heat pump this summer, and especially happy to have grabbed the second ceiling fan for the family room.

It's been deliciously cool the last few nights, though, which is exactly the kind of summer nights I love. Cool and clear nights make the next day more pleasant, and if it's hot, more tolerable! I've been able to have the bedroom windows and back door open overnight a bit, and the only problem with that is that it's more likely the dogs barking next door will wake me up before my alarm in the morning.

But tonight, the DarkSky forecast shows an early morning overnight low of 48°!

I've had the bedroom windows and doors open for the couple of hours since I got home, but I'd probably better close them before I go to sleep so it doesn't get cold in here. Maybe I can get away with leaving the back door open a bit for fresh air.

I guess I could also leave a bedroom window open a crack. One of the things I've been trying to figure out is why it's noticeably warmer in my room than the rest of the house. Could it just be the three dogs and me heating up the room at night? I unplugged the cable box I pretty much never use after noticing it was warm to the touch. Maybe that'll help.

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