Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Keeping the heat in (219.4)

As I got home tonight and took the dogs on a deliciously chilly bedtime walk, I realized the weather is starting to feel like it's already time to start thinking about keeping the heat in the house instead of out!

When it's hot during the day, keeping the back door and bedroom windows open on a cool night helps to cool the house down, and means less expense cooling the house in the afternoon and evening.

But when having the back door and windows open means the house is dipping past the low 70s and into the mid 60s, I start to feel like that's a little too cool. Saturday morning I woke up early and closed the back door and closed the bedroom windows most of the way, leaving just a little crack for fresh air. That seemed like a good balance.

I shouldn’t have to turn the heat on for a while even if it’s chilly outside, if I’m careful about letting sun in and keeping shades closed at night. Except I wasn't expecting to have to start letting the house warm up during the day, on purpose, for another several weeks!

Still not sure what the deal is with the bedroom being extra warm. I would expect the afternoon sun to have warmed up the living room, which is up to 70, but why is the bedroom up from 65 to 71 tonight? If it were the dogs putting out heat, I'd expect them to warm up the living room more during the day.

None of the TV or TiVo or other items there seem to be putting out noticeable heat, now that I unplugged the cable box. The UPS doesn't feel warm. It wasn't really warm, but I unplugged the camera battery charger from the power strip, which otherwise has the USB wall warts.

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