Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

When did I last visit Florida? (222.4)

Expanded from a comment elsewhere...

I was just commenting at lunch to friends who are going to Florida that I can't imagine the last time I visited... not counting heading from cruise ship to the Fort Lauderdale airport on my way home last December.

Thanks in part to Holland America Line screwing up my debarkation from the cruise and thus my transfer to the Everglades excursion that I was forced to skip, I had lots of time to kill before my flight, but not quite long enough to visit my aunt and uncle, who live in West Palm Beach. Might have been doable if I hadn't had to schlep luggage with me, since you can't check in your luggage hours ahead of your flight.

I know I was actually there long enough to see other relatives the night before leaving for a family cruise in January, 2002. That might be the last visit to Florida. Yikes. Flew down to visit an online friend at some point, but it was probably not long before or after that. She's in my phone contacts, probably having been transferred from phone to phone many, many times. A mutual friend was in touch a year or two ago, so I know she's still out there! I should try to find her.

Cornell Men's Ice Hockey used to do an annual holiday season tournament in between Christmas and New Year's Day in Estero every year, and I always vaguely meant to get down there, but it turns out Estero is a pain (and pretty expensive) to get to from Ithaca. They stopped a couple years back.

But most of my winter travel over the last quite a few years has been hockey travel, so there's rarely spare time for visiting warmer climes in the winter. I sure don't love the idea of visiting Florida in summer... though of course I have a couple of times.

My whirlwind visit to Kennedy Space Center with Beth was probably in the mid '90s. One of the highlights was stopping by Celebration, Florida, an "artificial" town created by Disney with carefully cropped lawns, dozens of essentially identical homes, and very strict rules for residents.

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