Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

First world problems! (219.7)

There are new iPhones out, and as usual, they're appealing but I didn't feel like I needed one.

Then I remembered, last year at this time I chose the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program, which lets you divide the cost of the phone and pay it over 24 months with no interest, and after you've made 12 monthly payments, even though you haven't finished paying -- you can upgrade to a new phone of your choice!

Apple sent me the "Hey, you're now eligible to upgrade!" e-mail last night, as well as a text just a few minutes ago.

Trouble is, while the phones are out, they say if I order one shipped to me, it won't arrive until October 23rd-30th. WHAT?!

If I want to go pick it up at an Apple Store, I can, but the nearest one is in Syracuse, an hour away -- and they don't have the phone I want. I can go drive to the Eastview Mall in Victor, near Rochester, and pick it up today, but of course I don't have time today, and it won't let me select a pickup time tomorrow (which I marginally have time to do) or Friday (which would be easyish).

I don't wanna wait three weeks! So I'm seriously considering checking the upgrade site again tomorrow to see if I can select a pickup window on Friday in Victor, or if it becomes available in Syracuse.

(P.S. Just selected my iPad userpic for this post, and it's so old that it's the original iPad design, complete with really old Facebook interface. Yikes.)

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