Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Jury duty again? (225.4)

Not called up just yet, but I did get a juror questionnaire in the mail, which is probably a prelude to getting called for a jury pool. We shall see!

In answering the questionnaire, I had to say whether I'd served as a juror in the last six years. I know reporting and being dismissed counts as serving, but I wasn't sure how long ago my Town of Ithaca Town Court visit was.

Luckily, LiveJournal knew! It was spring of 2011. County Court before that? Summer of 2004!

Neither time before did I actually end up being seated on the jury. In 2004 I was dismissed after the voir dire process asked if I knew either of the attorneys in the case. Why, yes! I knew the prosecutor, the D.A. Oh, how? Well, I helped him investigate a case a few years back!

In 2011, I'm not sure why I wasn't picked for that one. Maybe they didn't get to me. It was a case against a Sovereign Citizen whose name included a semicolon, and while the lawyers kept fumbling over it during voir dire, the judge was super serious about using her name correctly. One of many reasons I have a lot of respect for Judge Salk.

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