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What a gorgeous Saturday!

Today was perfect to relax on the deck at Bistro Q with kinnerc for a good brunch. Stan's odd-sounding combos always work out, so I took his word for it and tried the omelet special, a sausage and grits and mozzarella omelet. Excellent! We also split the bread basket and I drank lots of coffee. (Levi eventually figured out that he could keep pouring it and I'd keep drinking it.)

It was tempting to just keep sitting there, but they needed the table and Doc and I both had stuff to do.

Among other things, I decided to make a batch of chili today. I may make another for next weekend in a few days.

Dinner tonight with a few folks, and then tomorrow I'm teaching a friend how to drive stick before she has to unlearn too many bad habits as an automatic-only driver. :-)

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