Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Tight shoulders and lousy sleep (223.2)

I've felt on the stressed side for a couple of days, without any obvious triggers. Lack of sleep is as plausible a cause as any, though, right? I've definitely been waking up multiple times per night. Remembering some dreams, but nothing too jarring, I think.

In one of the dreams I was in a car at a military installation and there was an explosion, and I had to try to move the car out of the way but I felt squashed oddly in the driver's seat. I woke up and was squashed in that position between Auggie and Penny!

Sunday I was tired enough that I turned off my alarm clock in the morning and slept for an extra hour and a half. After the two people who showed up for a little Auggie Day gathering (I rescued her three years ago this week) left, I even took an early evening nap. Maybe I invite the wrong set of people to things like this, but hardly anyone comes to my parties these days.

A couple of decent evenings with friends, though, this week. Monday I checked out the launch of a new menu at Monks on the Commons in Downtown Ithaca featuring cocktails devised by my friend Jason, who just started a food and beverage manager position there. I was joined by a friend who doesn't always have time to get out, which was great. Good cocktails and a nice start to some new food items. We also popped over to The Strand at the Canopy by Hilton, where she was considering applying for a job.

Tuesday was a Taco Tuesday outing that had been delayed by a couple of weeks with another friend, at Bickering Twins. We both ate too much! But the Mexican Hot Chocolate on the dessert menu looked like a good idea, and it occurred to me how odd it was that they don't explicitly offer the option to add Kahlua or other liqueur to it. Easy upsell opportunity!

Then I showed up for the tail end of a phlebotomy training practice session. A Facebook friend I may never have met in person had posted a plea for volunteers to help as blood draw subjects, and since I know I have easy veins, it seemed like something I could readily help with. "Confidence-inspiring veins," even, since they're so easy to draw blood from that novices will quickly get the confidence that will stand them in good stead when the harder ones come along.

Having to get up very early to be at work very early to be able to walk onto campus for a 9am thing yesterday probably didn't help my sleep schedule, it occurs to me. I did go to sleep on the early side Monday night, and definitely did last night after the long day. But not before doing some cooking (cauliflower soup) and some more chatting with the phlebotomy student friend, who wants to take me for coffee to thank me for helping out. Sounds good to me!

I think part of the shoulder tension is the uncomfortable workspace at my office.

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