Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Takeout margarita? Huh. (220.7)

I'm sitting at my makeshift basement workspace enjoying my first-ever TAKEOUT COCKTAIL. (Well, first outside New Orleans.)

I'm pretty well stocked for food in the house, so I don't HAVE to leave the house other than to walk the dogs for a while.

But I'm trying to balance that with supporting the LOCAL RESTAURANTS that I love visiting and would like to visit again when we get to the other side of this.

FOR NOW, restaurants are allowed to do takeout and delivery, and there are some pretty creative contactless approaches in place. Bringing your food out to your car, or setting it on a table outside as you arrive, or leaving it on your porch and texting a picture.

Continuing to buy food from local eateries isn't just about protecting those eateries and their owners, though that's a good start. It's also about protecting jobs for some of our most vulnerable community members -- service industry staff who are more likely than most to be living paycheck to paycheck.

If you've got your food needs covered, great! If you're going grocery shopping or hitting the farmers market, be responsible. And if you're ordering from local eateries, be patient and TIP WELL.

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