Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Give Blood (221.2)

I arrived just before the start time at noon for today's blood drive at the Holiday Inn Express on Route 13 in Ithaca's southwest. (There until 5 if you want to go.) Used the Red Cross Blood Donor app to complete the RapidPass questionnaire before I went, to save time.

They have loads of precautions beyond their usual pretty-solid hygiene protocols. Apparently early last week was a real blood donation drought, but the end of the week saw a real surge. This week is approaching normal, but there's still a serious blood shortage.

If you can give blood in the next few weeks, please do. Check or your regional blood service for blood drives near you.

On my way, got a salted maple latte and a scone at Gimme! Coffee, which is doing window service through the front door with lots of their own precautions, and on my way home I grabbed today's Cook's Choice Freestyle Pasta from the Circus Truck. J.P. is giving FREE meals to laid-off service industry workers, a different group each day. Tip well if you're buying lunch from him.

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