Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

So long to Sara (217.8)

Tonight I spotted a post from my friend Sara's husband, Todd, to the support group on Facebook for her fight against cancer, that it had been over a month since her passing.

It was jarring to find out that way -- and that belatedly -- but I quickly realized that her passing on March 19th was at the height of the chaos here, as eateries closed, operations on campus shifted dramatically, and many of us started preparing to work from home.

Of course, it was also right after hospitals started to not allow visitors, and it sounds as though Todd and other family members weren't allowed to be there. This is one of many such stories this spring, and I really feel for everyone who's going through this -- patients who can't be comforted by loved ones, loved ones who can't be there, and healthcare workers who are the ones holding people's hands as they die.

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