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What three features would be non-negotiable in your dream house? (218.0)

Apparently there's a post-a-day writing prompt thing going around, and amw just answered the question, "What three features would be non-negotiable in your dream house?"

That's a great thought exercise, but the way she answered the question helped me see it as a minimalist exercise. Instead of imagining the cushy indoor movie theatre, the big deck with grill and dining area and hot tub, and the spacious garage, I was able to focus on some basics.

I want a kitchen with plenty of pantry and cabinet space and way more horizontal prep space than I have right now. I would rather not do without a dishwasher again. It seems like an extravagance, but I know myself well enough to know that I'm terrible about keeping up with dishes if I have to wash them myself. Need a decent stove and oven and refrigerator and freezer to make tasty food. Blender of some sort. Knives. Good set of cast iron. Not an awful lot else is necessary.

I want a good shower. (Jacuzzi tub would be nice, but it sure isn't necessary.) A bed big enough for the dogs and me. Couch to sit and read or watch TV with the dogs. With the basement out of commission for three years, I certainly had enough living space, but I'm really glad to have the extra space of the basement back. Especially in these zany working-from-home days, I'm glad to have a little extra space I can set aside as a home office. But, really, I could clean out the piles of stuff filling what I set aside as my home office when I moved in. I simply had gotten out of the habit of using a desktop computer, since laptops really took over the world and I was able to sit on the couch with the laptop and get everything done. Having different spaces for relaxing, working, sleeping, entertaining, and guests is a luxury I can really appreciate.

Living in a hotel room for almost a month with the dogs was fun at first, and I suppose it had everything we needed except for the doing-my-own-cooking part. I used the hotel's common areas a little (especially the hot tub), but mostly stayed in the room with the dogs since having them sit out in the lobby didn't make sense for long. I really missed being able to cook my own food. (If I'd realized we were going to be there so long, I probably would've picked the Homewood Suites, which has a kitchenette in each room, instead of the Courtyard.)

I guess I need washer and dryer. Laundromats and shared laundry facilities are a pain in the ass. Being able to park out of the elements is nice but not vital, though of course hailstorms can damage your car if it's not covered, so a garage or carport is good for the car as well as for storage of things like tires, camping gear, and lawnmower. (Though, really, why we still have lawns is beyond me.)

Other than the lack of laundry equipment (it was in the basement of a nearby building) and covered parking, I'd say my two-bedroom apartment was the right amount of living space for me. One and a half baths, and it even had a small balcony that I should've used way more than I did. Great kitchen, way better than the one in my house. (That's my biggest regret with this house.)

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