Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Living in the future (217.2)

That was my first time trying deli ordering in the BJ's app. Cool idea! Order the custom-sliced deli meat and cheese you want, do your other shopping, then walk over and pick up your stuff without waiting in line. I needed some cold cuts for the pumpernickel I'm baking this afternoon, and there was a coupon in the app!

They estimate the order will be ready within 30 minutes, and you'll get a notification and an e-mail when your order is ready. I got all my other stuff and hung around not far from the deli to wait for my order to be ready. Eventually I saw a deli staffer bring a couple of items over to the pickup area, walked over, saw my name on the label, and grabbed it. Total time, 22 minutes. NO notification hit my phone, but I did get the e-mail right after I grabbed the ham and swiss.

In related news, the Oscar Meyer salami cotto I picked up at the supermarket a couple weeks ago and finally opened for yesterday's breakfast sandwich is better than it has any right to be.

Got a bunch of stuff I needed, couple things others needed, and got a full tank of gas for less than in a loooong time. $1.79/gallon with a discount qualifying purchase. ($1.89 full price right now.)

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