Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Dreams set in dense office environments. Cool, cool. (217.3)

It can't be a coincidence that this morning's last dream was set in a dense office environment with lots of people in it.

I love not being interrupted constantly by people walking by. I love not being interrupted by people stepping out of meetings in the nearby conference room into our office to have a phone conversation. I love having the small talk condensed into our Zoom check-ins, and I love having to say and hear it all just once.

But I also miss the bustle of an active workplace. I miss working with people all day. Thank goodness for social media, which provides some of that bustle!

Part of the dream included walking around the office floor, which seemed to have a walkway going all the way around. I stopped at one of the offices on the outer edge of that ring to talk to someone who wanted to see me. All the people whose YouTube channels I wanted to incorporate into our central feed? I had to reach out to them for permission with the list of e-mail addresses she handed me.

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