Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Bus to Ithaca? (217.7)

The dream that left me awake at 6:40am (when it didn't even occur to me I was already on the radio, until I saw a FB message from a friend who'd heard me on the air about that time) involved taking a bus back to Ithaca.

I remember the feeling of happily recognizing the highway route. It was probably Route 17 (from southern New York through the Catskills) in the dream, but I have a very real feeling of comfort as I cross the Hudson river westbound from New England any time I return from the east. Everything becomes less dense and more familiar.

Pretty sure remydwd was the friend who was on the bus with me. We both succeeded in getting the driver to not turn towards Forest Home, where he'd get stuck on the narrow curves, the first time, but then he turned again near the Thurston Ave bridge. I was able to get him to pull into the parking lot at MVR to make a K turn.

Another dream after I fell back to sleep, this time involving going into an office to look for something. Had to wait on the couch. Can't recall what I was looking for.

Being on the radio every morning is cool. I love the morning shift, mostly from the days when there was always a DJ and a newscaster and a sportscaster there together, and it's a lot different right now -- but it's a hoot to be able to listen to myself doing pre-recorded radio. (DJs aren't physically allowed in the radio station right now.)
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