Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Dozing (217.7)

I've gotten pretty decent sleep the last four or five nights, and the Sleep Cycle app seems to confirm that. High 90% range since Monday, which was a good bit lower. Maybe taking melatonin the last few nights has helped. Maybe it's just a placebo.

I woke up this morning with definite memories of a dream, but they faded quickly. The only remaining tidbit is a vague recollection of getting my sock wet in the dream. That hasn't happened lately in real life, though when one of the dogs has peed in the house I sometimes step in it before I see it.

The last couple of times Penny peed in the house, she did it while I was right there, and I'm pretty sure it was a behavior thing rather than any illness or actual urgent need to pee. It was in the days after Auggie's death, and I'm sure Penny was dealing with that and trying to adjust.

Despite the decent, I was wiped late this afternoon and when I lay down on the bed to flip through social media on the iPad for a bit, I realized I was dozing off a little. Ended up giving in and closing my eyes on purpose for a bit. I think the dogs were surprised, and as their dinnertime approached, Penny grew indignant! Carter was happier to just roll with it.

Anyway, it's time to go to sleep. Doubt I had enough of a nap to interfere with that.

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