Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Sweet tooth in overdrive (217.0)

I keep wanting to eat sweet things, to a far greater degree than usual. I don't tend to eat dessert. I do enjoy having a supply of candy at the office, but I'm mostly buying it for other people to eat.

The macaroons I bought for Passover are delicious, and I pop a couple every day or so. I may need to buy more.

I made banana bread. I baked a pie. I've got the ingredients to make the Doubletree chocolate chip cookies, I made chocolate mini croissants for the last SPCA volunteer tea time Zoom meeting, and I have what I need to make an Italian cappuccino chocolate chip cake for this week's.

I made french toast for lunch today with the last of the wine flour bread from this weekend's cooking class, ffs! Cracked into the local maple syrup, too.

The craving for Coke started before National Have a Coke Day, but that made for a good excuse to chill a two-liter bottle.

Bought brownie mix today to try the black bean brownie recipe from Daina. I've been eating dried fruit.

But I'm still gradually losing weight most days.

I'll take it.

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