Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Lowest weight in three years? (213.1)

That's unofficial, but I think this is the lowest weight I've had in quite a while. Certainly at least two years. Not drinking much beer is a huge part of it. Lots of dog-walking is big, and yesterday was probably the most strenuous dog hike in a long time!

More socializing, including seeing quite a bit of friends with a death in the family. It's a balancing act, and the daughter of the friend who died flew in from California (which she felt pretty icky doing), took a couple of days to settle into a rental, got a swab test, and is pretty confident she's clean. My negative antibody test last week makes me fairly safe to hang out with, as well. Of course we could both be exposed by someone else. Let's hope not.

I guess the automatic sharing of Instagram pics to LiveJournal stopped working a month ago. Weird. If you care and want to follow my pics, I'm @mhaithaca there, too!

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