Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I had no idea you could "share" LiveJournal posts! (209.2)

I was going to write a post following up on the "Baking again" post from last weekend to say "YUP! That was good berry cheesecake!" and to link to the recipe I had posted on the recipe_sharing community, and then I discovered the "Share" button.

Is that new, copying the Facebook concept? Have you always been able to do that and I just never noticed? Either way, I'm glad I could simply share the community post here on my own journal.

So, yeah, the berry cheesecake was a hit with the visiting friend, and another friend I dropped off a piece to because when we were talking a few months ago about how she never bakes because it never works out I promised I'd bring her some of my efforts, and a birthday girl who also can't eat gluten.

I still have a small dish baked with extra batter that didn't fit, so without crust. I should eat a little of that tonight.

Today's lunch was a great lobster roll at a friend's event hall that's been doing "pop-up" Thursday happy hour and Saturday lunches because events have all dried up. Didn't plan to each much for dinner, but another friend's tasty-looking chicken parm pics made me reach for one of the frozen Stouffer's lasagnas I keep for emergencies. It was small, though, so I can probably still get away with a little dessert.

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