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Weekend wasn't a total loss!

Lest anyone suspect those disappointments were too devastating, I had a really good time last night at Jim and Sarah's house for dinner. They invited me a few weeks ago (the timing turned out to not be ideal, but that's life) and I had a great time.

At first I was a little wary, suspecting (correctly) that I'd be the only single person amidst couples. I knew one other person pretty well, since I work with her, and really enjoyed getting to know her husband and the other couple who were there. I didn't at all feel out of place as a "seventh wheel."

It was a very relaxing evening, spread out over six and a half hours! Longer than I expected to be there, but that's OK.

Jim showed off his sound system after everyone else left. The speakers are a couple of inches thick, but are taller than I am. Truly astonishing sound.

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