Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

In response to a stupid "defund the police lol" comment (208.6)

One of the "frequent flyers" commented "yessir, defund and cut out ipd, kids!!lol" on the 14850 Facebook post of our article about a vehicle damaged in a shots fired incident in Ithaca's west end. So I had to comment:

I get it, it's fun to post the quick snarky "lol" comment. But come on.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know as well as the rest of us do that "defund the police" doesn't mean eliminate all police funding. It means redirect some of the funding that currently goes to police to strengthen the services that ought to be handling incidents police shouldn't have to, aren't trained to, and don't want to. It means make sure there are social services across the board to help reduce the need to send police out for non-crime calls so that they're MORE available, not less, when there IS crime. Police want to be available for crime calls and they want to be freed up from "Oh no, this person is sleeping in the wrong place" calls.

Imagine if IPD didn't have to waste their officers' valuable time dealing with mental health concerns, dealing with wellness checks, dealing with nuisance complaints, dealing with people who hurt themselves swimming. Imagine if IPD could focus its time on, what is this, the TENTH shots fired call in a span of months? Maybe that's what re-funding other non-police services could free up their time to work on.

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